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The North Dakota Century Code (law) that governs the practice of chiropractic is amended by the State Legislature.  A license to practice chiropractic is a right and responsibility granted by the State of North Dakota to protect those in need of chiropractic services.  All licensed chiropractors have a duty to understand the law and stay current with any changes made to the law.

  • The link on this page will bring you to the North Dakota Legislative Branch website posting of the Century Code Chapter 43-06.
  • The entire chapter opens in one document. Below is a summary of the Sections and Section Names.
Section Section Name
43-06-01 Definitions
43-06-02 Who is exempt from the provisions of this chapter
43-06-03 State board of chiropractic examiners - Members - Appointments - Qualifications
43-06-04 Board of chiropractic examiners - Members - Term of office
43-06-04.1 Powers and duties of board
43-06-05 Meetings of board - When held - Place of meeting - Quorum - Officers - Seal - Compensation - Expenses - How paid
43-06-06 Fund - How disbursed - Where deposited [Repealed]
43-06-07 Records of the board
43-06-08 License required - Application - Examination required - Fee
43-06-09 Chiropractor - Qualifications
43-06-09.1 Conviction not bar to licensure or certification - Exceptions
43-06-10 Examination - Subjects covered [Repealed]
43-06-10.1 National board examination
43-06-11 License - When issued - Who issues - Title used by licensed chiropractor
43-06-11.1 Criminal history record checks
43-06-12 Re-examination - Fee [Repealed]
43-06-13 Term of license - Renewal - Fee - Requirements
43-06-14 License - How recorded [Repealed]
43-06-14.1 Peer review of services and fees
43-06-15 Grounds for denial of licensure, revocation or suspension of license or other action of the board - Signed written statement - Investigation - Hearing
43-06-16 Duties of chiropractor
43-06-16.1 Certified chiropractic clinical assistant
43-06-17 Right of chiropractor to practice in public and private hospitals and institutions
43-06-17.1 Temporary suspension - Appeal
43-06-18 State's attorney to enforce law
43-06-19 Penalty
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