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Filing a Complaint

Filing a Complaint

Protection of the public is enhanced by the reporting of incidents which may be in violation of ND Law or Administrative Rules.  Any person may file a complaint against a chiropractor or certified clinical chiropractic assistant if they believe the licensee or certificant has violated the Laws or Administrative Rules.  The Board requires all complaints to be written and signed.

You may download and print the Standard Complaint Form or you may choose to type or hand-write your complaint in letter format.  Complaints must be legible.  Please mail all complaint forms or letters to the board office.

Complaint Process

  • A written and signed complaint is received by the Board. 
  • The licensee or certificant against whom the complaint is made will receive a copy of the complaint and be allowed to respond to the allegations in writing. 
  • The Board will consider the complaint and the licensee’s or certificant's response at the next scheduled Board meeting after the response is received. 
  • All correspondence between the Board and both the complainant and licensee or certificant will be conducted in writing. 
  • Once the Board makes a decision to either dismiss the complaint or initiate disciplinary action, both parties will be notified in writing by the Board or by the Board’s legal counsel.
  • Disciplinary action process begins, if applicable.

Types of Disciplinary Action

There are a wide range of disciplinary actions that may be taken against a chiropractor and/or a certified chiropractic clinical assistant.  The Board has the authority to revoke or suspend licenses/certifications, place restrictions or limitations on licenses/certification, and/or require additional training, treatment, or other appropriate remedies to ensure a licensee/certificant practices safely and competently.

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