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CCCA Continuing Ed. Totals

CCCA Continuing Education Totals

The link below (blue box) will direct you to a spreadsheet that reflects the continuing education hours recorded for each active certified chiropractic clinical assistant (CCCA).

  • The spreadsheet is sorted by the certification numbers in the left column.

If the CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS RECEIVED = TOTAL column is greater than or equal to 6 (six), you have met/completed your requirement for this cycle.

If the CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURS RECEIVED = TOTAL column equals "OK", you are not required to complete the requirement for this cycle due to the date you received your initial certification.

This spreadsheet is updated, in real time, with the Board's continuing education records.  In general, these are reviewed or updated every 30-days.  Between January 1st - March 1st, during even-numbered years, these will be updated daily.

It is the license holder's responsibility to provide copies of completion certificates to the Board.  These may be emailed; faxed (701) 352-2258; or mailed to the board office.

For information on the continuing education requirements, please see the Continuing Education Requirements page.

CCCA Continuing Education Records: Cycle ending March 1, 2010

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