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Board Disciplinary Actions

Public Notice of Disciplinary Actions

The information found on this page is considered primary source for Board data - it is the same information the Board provides through other means such as phone, fax, email, or mail and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge.  This page is updated with all new actions taken as soon as the board order for the action has been completed.

Below is a list of the current/active disciplinary actions taken by the ND Board of Chiropractic Examiners.  Disciplinary action information may also be found on the Online Verification for each license holder.

Name ND License # Action Effective Date Board Order
Chad Isaak, D.C. 779 August 14, 2019 Signed Settlement Agreement
Chad Isaak, D.C. 779 September 27, 2021 Order for Revocation
Andrew Millage, D.C. 1082 September 1, 2021 Order By Default
Jeffrey Pokorny, D.C. 734 March 1, 2024 Signed Settlement Agreement
Timothy Corrigan, D.C. 1060 June 18, 2024 Signed Settlement Agreement

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