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Dry Needling

Section 17-02-04-07 of the North Dakota Administrative Rules allows for the practice of dry needling in conjunction with the individual chiropractic license, but, chiropractors may only practice dry needling if they are certified by the board to do so.


  • Minimum 50-hours of face-to-face study, sponsored by an institution accredited by the council of chiropractic or its equivalent or another course of study deemed appropriate by the board.  Online study in not considered appropriate training.
  • Training must include dry needling safety.
  • A temporary limited-scope certification is available for approved courses that divide the minimum training into successive independent modules.  The board must be provided verification of completion prior to the temporary limited-scope certification being issued.  This temporary certification expires after 18 months.
  • After completion of the 50-hours of training, the chiropractor must submit to the Board a transcript verifying the hours.
  • Currently, there are no annual continuing education requirements established for chiropractors certified to practice dry needling.
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