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Student Intern - Preceptorship

ND Century Code 43-06-02 list the exemptions for licensure and authorizes the student internship - preceptorship program.

N.D.C.C. 43-06-02(2) reads: This chapter does not apply to:
Students enrolled in an approved and accredited doctor of chiropractic program, who qualify for the preceptorship program. Under this exception:

  • The student shall perform the duties of an intern under the supervision of a chiropractor licensed in the state of North Dakota.
  • The student and the licensed chiropractor shall meet the requirements established for the preceptorship by an approved and accredited doctor of chiropractic program and must be approved by the program and the board.

ND Administrative Code 17-02-01-01.2(3) Defines Preceptorship; Intern; and Direct Supervision

17-02-01-01.2(3)(f) Preceptorship: means a short-term structured clinical education experience in an off-campus clinic under the direct supervision of a sponsoring licensed doctor of chiropractic for qualified chiropractic students.

17-02-01-01.2(3)(d) Intern: an unlicensed chiropractic student qualified to participate in the preceptorship program and approved by a college of chiropractic and the board. An intern has the abilities to observe a sponsoring licensed chiropractor caring for patients; have supervised participation in patient care, such as adjusting patients, performing examinations, and taking x-rays; participation in and performance of patient education and health care classes; and participate in administrative responsibilities, such as office procedures, filing, record keeping, billing, and staff meetings.

17-02-01-01.2(3)(a) Direct Supervision: means a licensed chiropractor must be on the same premises as the intern when the intern is performing any patient care procedure and be readily availalbe to the intern and patient.


  1. The student intern application must be notarized.
  2. Official recommendation from the outpatient clinical director of the college is required.
  3. If malpractice insurance coverage is not provided and verified by the college, the evidence of coverage must be provided by the sponsoring doctor.
  4. The sponsoring doctor(s) must be approved by the chiropractic college to participate in the preceptorship.
  5. The sponsoring doctor(s) must complete the attached application page.
    • If the student will be interning under multiple sponsoring doctors, approval for each must come from the chiropractic college and each sponsoring doctor must complete and submit the attached application page.
  6. All applications must be complete and provided to the Board for approval prior to implementing the program.
  7. The authorization of the preceptorship terminates on graduation day.
  8. The applications may be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the Board.
    • We encourage and prefer the submission of all application materials in a single packet.
Please download and complete the Student Intern - Preceptor Application and return to the ND Board of Chiropractic Examiners for approval.
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