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The Practice of Chiropractic in North Dakota

North Dakota Century Code 43-06-01


  1. The examination, evaluation, and diagnosis by means including x-ray, other appropriate diagnostic imaging, clinical laboratory procedures, or pertinent examinations taught by chiropractic colleges accredited by the council on chiropractic education or its successor or equivalent;
  2. The treatment of patients by means of the adjustment or manipulation or the spinal column, the vertebral articulations, the appendicular skeleton not excluding the skull, and of any displaced tissue of any kind or nature;
  3. The practice of physiotherapy, electrotherapy, or hydrotherapy;
  4. All other procedures, treatments, and interventions taught by chiropractic colleges accredited by the council on chiropractic education or its successor; and
  5. The rating and reporting of any permanent impairment of function and the providing of professional opinions regarding any matter included in this definition of practice of chiropractic as set out herein.
  6. Delegation of basic health care duties in the practice of chiropractic to a Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant;
  7. Telehealth.

Does Not Include:

  • Prescribing for, removal of, or administering to any person any medicine or drug to be taken internally which is now or hereafter included in materia medica, nor performing any surgery, except as provided in this section, nor practicing obstetrics.

"Telehealth" means:

  • the use of electronic communications to provide and deliver chiropractic-related information and chiropractic services, including chiropractic-related information and services, over any distance. Telehealth encompasses chiropractic care and chiropractic promotion activities, including education, advice, reminders, interventions, and the monitoring of interventions.
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