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Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant

The North Dakota Law establishing Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistants took effect on August 1, 2017.

Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCCA) means an individual certified by the Board who assists with basic health care duties in the practice of chiropractic under the supervision of a licensed doctor of chiropractic in good standing with the Board.

Certification in North Dakota consists of three (3) steps:

  1. Education;
  2. Examination;
  3. State Licensure. 
An individual may not practice as a Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant (CCCA) or claim to be a chiropractic assistant without certification from the board.
  • A CCCA may assist the chiropractor in patient care involving physiotherapy, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic rehabilitative therapy, administrative processes, and other activities as needed to assist in the practice of chiropractic.
  • A CCCA may perform delegated duties commensurate with the CCCA's education and training, but may not evaluate, interpret, design, or modify established treatment programs of chiropractic care or violate any statute.
  • A CCCA may not participate in clinical decisionmaking, render manipulative chiropractic care, create or change the course of a chiropractic treatment plan, or represent themselves as independent health care providers.
  • A CCCA must be under the direct supervision of a ND licensed chiropractor in good standing with the board.
    • Direct supervision means the oversight provided by the chiropractor over the clinical services performed by a CCCA, and requires the chiropractor to be on the premises at all times and readily available to instruct the CCCA throughout the performance of the clinical services.
  • A CCCA may not perform medical imaging unless also licensed under Chapter 43-62 of the North Dakota Century Code. 

Certification is not required for individuals who solely perform administrative activities of a non-clinical nature. 

The annual renewal cycle for all certifications is from March 1st -  March 1st annually. For an applicant who first receives initial certification between December first (1st) of the year immediately before renewal and March first (1st), the certification is automatically renewed on March first (1st) for an additional year without payment of an additional renewal fee.

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