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Continuing Education Requirements

  • A Certified Chiropractic Clinical Assistant shall obtain three (3) hours of continuing education every year after the initial certification to renew their certification.
    • This was updated/modified effective August 1, 2021 - Previously 6 hours every 2-years.
  • The continuing education hours coordinate with the annual license renewal cycle. The hours must be completed between March 1st - March 1st annually.
  • Certificates of completion or copies of official transcripts must be submitted to the Board.
    • These are not required to come directly from the education sponsors. CCCA's may submit copies.
  • License renewal will not be approved/finalized if the continuing education requirement has not been completed and verification received by the Board.

It is the CCCA's responsibility to submit completion verifications and/or transcripts to the board. Do not assume that the education provider will submit the records. CCCA's should also maintain a copy for their own records.

Continuing Education Programs:

The continuing education hours must be a program approved by:

  1. Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE);
  2. or a seminar approved for continuing education by another state’s board of chiropractic examiners or equivalent;
  3. or a seminar otherwise approved by the board.
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